Meiller products are part our Liftdesigner Manufacturer Library that comprised all in all more than 60 different manufacturer libraries in its database. All Meiller products within Liftdesigner are available as 2-D CAD drawings and 3-D CAD models to quickly create elevator installation drawings.

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New: Glas doors TTS / TTK 8-32 + STS / STK 26 types MGT 01 / MGT 99 / VSG-V.

New door TTS 25 EvoM. Update of TTS 15 door and wall openings of TG2 doors.

D-0300 (Open)
Last change - 7/9/2014
Vertikale Schiebetür von Meiller fehlt

Correction of the door frame's top profile position at TTS 28 EvoN (S4C).

Adjustment of some sill length and disturbing edges.

Corrected database entries of a few landing doors and some top anchor rail positions.