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Bucher Hydraulics products are part our Liftdesigner Manufacturer Library that comprised all in all more than 60 different manufacturer libraries in its database. All Bucher Hydraulics products within Liftdesigner are available as 2-D CAD drawings and 3-D CAD models to quickly create elevator installation drawings.


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Part of DigiPara Liftdesigner 2015.0.97

Last change - 7/31/2014
New Carframes
BLF1 - Side-ram 1:1 - DBG600 (Type 03)
BLF2 - Side-ram 2:1 - DBG600 (Type 03)
with Yoke Guide BLF03-BLF10 - DBG600
Last change - 7/31/2014
New Rail Brackets
903750 for BLF03-BLF10