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LD 2017 Version, released 24th of November 2017

TR-04127 (Finished)
Created by: MM
Last change: 4/22/2020 4:39:08 PM

Gear View: Possibility to add MR Ceiling, MR Beam and Load Hooks

Already possible.

The regular components can just be added via the + button.

The machine room ceiling can't be added, but the whole machine room can be added with the green button.

To get rid of the walls, you can add a section hole to the frame specifically: Select SheetFrame.Sections.Section0.WallOpenings., then pick "Add wall opening" in the property grid. See CreateViewFrameWallOpening.png

To make the wall opening do what we want, we need to set the hole mode to 2050 (See HoleMode.png), this makes the positioning relative to the machine room.

Then you need to set the coordinate system to "Room".

Then you set the automatically calculated values to DX, DY, DZ, set Z0 and Z1 to 0 to cut above the floor and below the ceiling. X0, X1, Y0 and Y1 go do a sufficiently low negative value to cut out the walls (-1000 should do). See HoleProperties.png.

Even better: Set the coordinate system to "Room", then "Individual".
Then do as above, but set X0, X1, Y0 and Y1 to zero as well and the X0 and Y0 interpretation to "From outer side of wall to hole edge". This will cut out the walls no matter how thick they are. (See HoleProperties2.png)

Also attached: A view frame where such a hole is already present.

Manuel Moos 11/7/2017