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LD 2017 Version, released 13th of June 2017

TR-03562 (Finished)
Created by: MM
Last change: 4/22/2020 4:39:08 PM

Hole serialization: Replicate bug

Versions 16.0.0 to 16.0.187 had hole placement that differed from 15.X. 16.0.188 fixed this buggy behavior. However, files from the faulty versions then loaded incorrectly, affecting some users negatively.

On loading files from known defective versions, modify the data so the defective behavior is reproduced.

Cutoff version will be 16.0.196. The first version actually released after the fix was 16.0.200, so no files from released versions would load incorrectly.

Alternative cutoff version would be 16.0.177; that is the last detectable change before the fix. Files saved with released version 16.0.183 and 16.0.187 still would load incorrectly.