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LD 2018 Version, released 4th of June, 2018

TR-04871 (Finished)
Created by: AF
Last change: 6/23/2020 2:50:57 PM

Reload DWG does not work as expected

at least not reliably. The reason may have been wrong handling of file write times. Those were fixed. In addition, on reload the entries of the DWG file in the cache are now completely cleared so we no longer have to rely on file access times, the reload should always happen.

Originally unreported, but related: Embedded DWG frames had other problems. Reload on them would do nothing (just reload the embedded copy, which was unchanged). Then reverting to non-embedded may have seen an old cached version displayed still. Now, it acts as expected: Reloading an embedded DWG reloads the original file (if found) and clears both the original and the embedded copy from the cache, so both are refetched when used.