DigiPara Liftdesigner

LD 2020 Version, 25th of October 2019

TR-06166 (Finished)
Created by: MM
Last change: 6/23/2020 2:50:57 PM

BIM Properties: Check Instance/Type parameter state

Criterion: Type parameters should have the same value for all elements of a clone group (all front shaft doors), even if you customize that value.
Instance parameters may have different values and can be customized individually.

Correctly set to type parameter:
the IFC export type properties
The elements of Pset_BuildingStoreyCommon not mentioned below.

Correctly set to instance parameter:
COBie.Component.TagNumber, I think.

Incorrectly set to type parameter:
Pset_BuildingStoreyCommon.AboveGround; each floor level has a different value here. Same for .EntranceLevel.

DigiPara.IfcParent is currently a type parameter. The rules we do have all evaluate to a constant, so it seems fine. But maybe we want it customized per instance so that the user can set a specific rail bracket to a specific floor?