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LD 2017 Free Edtion, 14.10.2016

TR-01407 (Finished)
Created by: AF
Last change: 4/22/2020 4:39:20 PM

Line Style: dash-dot-dot on layer 11

This change request has actually nothing to do with techsoft. Btw,since the CAD Import strongly influences the internal profile management, this request should be handled here.

ProfileMode is already completely used.

prmLayerThin = 0x0200,
prmLayerDashed = 0x0400,
prmLayerDashdot = 0x0800,

Btw, for the layers we are using 3 bits. Can we do a combination of 2 bits e.g. 0x0600 for prmLayerDashedDotoDot.

Extening the ProfileMode to longlong is more work, but might be that better solution on long term.

Andreas Fleischmann 7/28/2015