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LD 2017 released on 1.November 2016

TR-02513 (Finished)
Created by: MM
Last change: 4/22/2020 4:39:20 PM

Visualize: Integer divide by zero in DX11 driver

open attached file
switch view frame to 3d view
switch to print mode
disable shaft section view
disable machine room in frame
disable shaft in frame
increase FOV to perspective view
rotate view wildly.

Hypothesis: Crash requires ambient occlusion on and transparency algorithm ZSortNicest. Six crashes were observed with both on, while giving the same or more time to test either of the indicators off.

Rejected. Crash observed with ambient occlusion and depth peeling.

Reduced hypothesis: It's just the ambient occlusion. Held for 10 minutes (average crash would take 30 seconds).

Not reproduced in WPF sandbox.

Sub tasks:
Report to Techsoft.
Work around it (rollback to SP1)