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LD 2017 Free Edtion, 14.10.2016

TR-02652 (Finished)
Created by: MM
Last change: 11/21/2019 10:22:50 AM

ILDXDocument5.AddReportLine and ILDXReportLines5.Add swallow Topic parameter

The parameter "Topic" was overwritten with the value from "Message" and the value of "Message" was not stored where it was supposed to go.

Code was found using the following workaround:
dim lines as ILDXReportLines5
dim line as ILDXReportLine5 = lines.Add(Chapter, "unused", Topic, ...)
line.SetMsg(rlMessage0, Message)

For code that only needs to work on 17.X, the simpler
lines.Add(Chapter, Topic, Message, ...)
can now be used.

For code that needs to work with 17.X and earlier versions, the workaround needs to be adapted:
dim line as ILDXReportLine5 = lines.Add(Chapter, Topic, Topic, ...)
line.SetMsg(rlMessage0, Message)

Fixed. Existing RefModel code that worked around the issue needs to be adapted, see description.