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LD 2017 Free Edtion, 14.10.2016

TR-02667 (Finished)
Created by: AF
Last change: 4/22/2020 4:39:09 PM

CAD Models: Setting for Relative Path

The user should be able to choose between:

This is the default sequence

1. - Relative to Datapool ( Default: if the file is inside the data pool)
2. - Relative to project ( Default if the file is on the same drive and less then 2 x "..\")
3. - Absolute ( Default if 1. & 2. does not apply)

The relative Path setting is valid for all 3 files ( the 2 CAD models and the excel file)

.... one more thing:
Remove the "special" seacrh logic if the ..\..\.. etc does not exactly fit