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Metron products are part of our DigiPara Liftdesigner Manufacturer Library that comprised all in all more than 60 different manufacturer libraries in its database. All Metron products within DigiPara Liftdesigner are available as 2D CAD drawings and 3D CAD models to quickly create elevator drawings.

Established in 1995, Metron is one of the top elevator manufacturers in Greece with a significant presence in the international market, as it exports products to more than 35 countries. Metron's main goal is to build a competitive advantage for its clients on the grounds of four axes:

- Reliability, both in products and company practices
- “Useful advanced technology” as a client – centric perception of the use of advanced technology
- Design
- Competitiveness based on the “high value for money” philosophy

Metron’s aspiration is to develop products that use advanced technologies and offer innovative and applicable solutions even to special construction challenges. Under the same philosophy, Metron develops solutions using “green” innovation to reduce energy consumption, incorporates top quality into high value solutions that are also distinguished for their elegant design covering needs that require special aesthetics. Metron products have been credited with reliability and safety through constant evaluations and certifications and will be produced according to the EN ISO 9001:2000 standard. For additional information, please visit www.metronsa.gr.

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