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LD 2020 Version, 28th of August 2019

TR-06219 (Finished)
Created by: MM
Last change: 10/13/2020 10:50:37 AM

BIM Export: Disabling BIM properties for all but the document effect on hole

has weird results. The shaft hole still gets exported as individual object (compatibility with old EAs? Recheck the history of that, we went back and forth a bit.) and with wrong TargetRevitName (that of the next highest object with BIM properties enabled, it seems)

The export TargetRevitName has been fixed.
The main shaft hole indeed needs to be exported as its own DWG for backwards compatibility with the old BIM importer. The old importer always generates its own main shaft opening based on the datatree XML dump, so including it in the shaft or document DWG would have it appear twice in the old importer. Separating it out allows for it to be omitted from the file list for the old importer.
And since holes are only supposed to be visible as their special parametrized families if individual export is enabled, the main hole still needs to be exported as a raw 3DDWG in this case.

If the target revit version is 2020 or later, we can get rid of this legacy behavior.