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LD 2020 Version, 17th of January 2020

TR-06553 (Finished)
Created by: MM
Last change: 10/13/2020 10:50:37 AM

Nonsense rounding

In the attached project, the value 1000.4 is displayed as 1001 because it is rounded twice; first up to 1000.5 by the deliberate rounding code and then up to 1001 by the string fromat code.
The format rounding comes from the prototype DWG, dimstyle LIFT.

Solution: Ignore the decimal digits setting from the prototyle DWG if it is insufficient for displaying the selected rounding accuracy.

This gets precise mm dimensions displayed as 1000.0 with a forced fractional part; optionally, changing the prototype dwg to allow trailing zero omission removes those.